Legend / Abarth 70th Anniversary

This film is a director’s cut and not the official version. 

It has not been and never will be used by the client in this format for commercial purposes.

It is only an extended version, published only here and on the portfolios of the partners who have created this content with us.

Launch of the New Abarth 695 70th Anniversario, a special edition celebrating Abarth’s 70th anniversary since its foundation.
The film tells the true life of Carlo Abarth through an emotional story, in which every great challenge since his childhood has become a great success. We celebrate the genius of a man who has transformed his passion into a lifestyle, and whose legend continues since 1949.
Director: Alessio Fava / Production Company: Haibun / DOP: Alessandro Pavoni / Music: Flavio Ibba

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