Maserati Grecale / Global Premiere

Launching Maserati Grecale, the new Maserati SUV that turns your everyday into something exceptional. Thanks to the innovative features, the outstanding design, and the powerful engine, Grecale set a new standard of style and performance.
We created an up-to-the-mark Global Premiere to launch such an amazing SUV like Grecale. The first Maserati Global Premiere starring world-class actors like Alessandro Borghi and Matilda De Angelis. They challenged each other to show who loves and understands Maserati the most, transforming the launch of a new car into a cinematic performance.
Director: Tobia Passigato / Screenplay: Claudio Di Biagio / DOP: Luca Esposito / Production Company: Indiana / Digital Production Company: Monogrid

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