Santa Maria Novella / Everscenting Stories

To communicate the new Firenze 1221 Edition, the Santa Maria Novella’s perfumes line born to celebrate the 800 years of the brand.
We created an integrated campaign (Video Hero, Print and Social Content) to narrate the incredible Santa Maria Novella history and all the stories behind each fragrance. 800 years of rare olfactory sensations told through the power of images and sounds, by using a visual code which is the result of a synthesis of mixed techniques such as stop motion, video, photography, illustrations, paper art, motion graphics and sound design.
Director: AM / Production Company: Skipless - Movie Magic Int. / Stop Motion: Dario Imbrogno / Cinematography: Giancarlo Morieri / Post Production: The Jack Stupid / Paper Artist: Mauro Seresini / Illustrator: Giuseppe Conti / Music & Sound Design: Morelli&Costantini

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