Santa Maria Novella / Giardini Medicei

To reveal the "Giardini Medicei" eau de parfums line: the collection that celebrates Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica Santa Maria Novella's commitment to preserving its indissoluble bond with Florence and its oldest and most secret fragrances.
The global campaign captures the essence of the Medici Gardens: a labyrinth of historical references and creative stimuli, transforming the search for the four eau de parfums into an extraordinary visual experience amidst the splendor of the gardens of the De' Medici dynasty, where an ancient secret is hidden: essences and rare plants have been protected by the mazes of these gardens since the Renaissance.
Director: Virgilio Villoresi / Production Agency: Think Cattleya / GM: Martino Benvenuti / Executive Producer: Francesca Regali / Dop: Ideo Nakata / Producer: Alessandra Breviario / Animazione: Stefania Demicheli, Anna Ciammitti, Virgilio Villoresi / Scenografia: Riccardo Carelli, Federica Locatelli / Musica & Sound Design: Enzo Casucci / Post-Produzione / Color: Daniele Iacuitto / Camera: Luca De Benedetti / Gaffer: Luca Limardo / Special Thanks to: Viafarini Work, Madama

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